• Permanent Makeup & Microblading Certification In Las Vegas Nevada

    Permanent Makeup & Microblading Certification In Las Vegas Nevada

    Permanent makeup and microblading certification online or in Las Vegas.  We offer beginner to advanced permanent makeup and microblading training. We offer advanced aesthetic courses like eyelash extension certification in addition to our permanent makeup certification courses.

    We are situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our local regulation and licensing requirements are some of the most restrictive in the nation. Our courses for permanent makeup and microblading have to be six months long to comply with Southern Nevada Health District requirements. Students who wish to work in Las Vegas Nevada legally have to do a six-month mentor/apprenticeship program.

    Most local regulatory agencies are not as strict as our local SNHD. Most states have little to no regulation on our industry. We understand that students do not need a six-month program when they are not located in Las Vegas Nevada. We have created a more condensed and accelerated permanent makeup certification course to accommodate these students. This course has all the curriculum and content that our Las Vegas permanent makeup licensing programs has but it is delivered on a accelerated platform. You can complete the permanent makeup certification in about two months.

    If you are not in Nevada, our accelerated permanent makeup course is for you.

    Las Vegas PMU Certification 3 (Next Start August 2023)
    Microblading Certification
  • Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship

    permanent makeup apprenticeship

    What is a permanent makeup apprentice?

    An apprentice is defined and a trainee or student who is being trained by another to learn a skill or trade. Our school does not reserve apprenticeship relationships for just the traditional classroom or clinic, we are providing a virtual apprenticeship with our permanent makeup certification programs. An apprentice needs guidance, support and mentorship during their training.

    How does virtual apprenticeship work?

    To explain how our virtual apprenticeship works, we need to explain a little about or programs. We do not just have a bunch of demonstration videos with some narration and call it “training”. That is a demonstration and not a class. We have individual lessons, a textbook, workbook, reading assignments, tests and quizzes, projects, art assignments, class art share and yes, we have videos too. Photos of art assignments need to be uploaded for the instructor to view. Student Art Share is where certain art assignments are uploaded to share with other classmates in that program. Students share and comment in Student Art Share. Student Chat is a messaging system we created so that students can communicate with instructors. Some of the program is self-paced online but we have to have a human component when teaching artistic skills in order to provide guidance when needed. Students don’t sign up and a website does the rest. We do monitor progress and give feedback.

    Once students’ get into their practice skin work, there is more interaction and guidance than in the first part of their program. The first few units are a lot of theory like anatomy of the skin, history of permanent makeup, color theory and the science of permanent makeup. Learning about pigments, Fitzpatrick skin typing ect. doesn’t require much instructor feedback. The quizzes let the student know if they passed or if they need to review the content again. They can retake the quizzes until they pass.  They must pass in order to open up the next lesson. When students get to start working on art projects like practice skins and design assignments, instructors do review their work, critique it and provide suggestions.

    Our virtual apprenticeship is rather innovative and rare in online education for permanent makeup and microblading. There are thousands of “how to videos” on permanent makeup for free on YouTube and that is not what we are offering here. We designed a more sophisticated virtual classroom environment that is modeled after actual accredited university platforms and provides the extra support that mimics a hands-on experience.

  • New Payment Plans

    New Payment Plans

    We have had a lot of students inquire about payment plans and financing for permanent makeup classes. You asked and we listened. We just made learning permanent makeup and getting your certification a little easier.

    Yes, we now offer payment plans for courses that are at least $1500!

    How do the permanent makeup certification payment plans work?

    $1000 down and the remaining balance is split between 4-5 monthly payments  that are automatically charged on a specific date each month.  There is a 5% surcharge on all payment plan finance options.

    You can select payment plan by clicking the button at checkout to see your terms and review them.

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification For The Permanent Makeup Artist

    Bloodborne Pathogen Certification For The Permanent Makeup Artist

    Permanent makeup certification is not complete without bloodborne pathogen certification. Every permanent makeup artist and microblade technician should have their BBP certification.

    We have now opened up our Bloodborne Pathogen Certification to any and every PMU technician and microblader who is serious about infection control. We owe the public safe and effective services. It is our duty to not only provide beautiful results but to do it in a manner that does not put them or us at risk.

    Why are we offering this certification?

    It has come to our attention that many or most practicing permanent makeup technicians have little or no training in BBP. Their understanding of OSHA guidelines and Universal Precautions is minimal. We have witnessed experienced practicing technicians taking our advanced workshops, unknowingly cross contaminate and conduct their procedures in a way that is not compliant with proper BBP and infection control. It isn’t that they are reckless or don’t care. They were never properly trained so they just don’t know. Some of the PMU technicians in our master workshops have been working in the industry for many years and have been practicing poor infection control techniques the entire time.

    How much is the BBP Certification?

    We include this training in our permanent makeup certification programs. There is no additional cost.

    The BBP Certification is also open to any technician who wants to get certified, even if they are not registered to take any of our other programs for $5.

    We require our specific BBP certification by experienced technicians who take our advanced workshops prior to the class even if you got your certification and it is up to date from another source. The price is only $5.

    Is the Bloodborne Pathogen for the permanent makeup artist course difficult?

    It will take you under an hour to complete! It is not a difficult course at all but it may have a lot of information that you were not aware of. There is a test and if you do not pass it, you can review the material and take the test until you pass. It is not the most exciting or fun course but it isn’t very difficult.

    Do I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of the Bloodborne Pathogen Certification For Permanent Makeup Artists, you get a printable document with two copies of your certification. One is a smaller card and the other is larger for framing and placing in your work area.

    Why is it so cheap?

    We are not interested in profiting off helping our industry and raising the bar on client protection. We want every permanent makeup artist to have this information and certification.

    How often should a permanent makeup artist get certified in Bloodborne Pathogens?

    The Bloodborne Pathogen Certification is good for one year. You don’t get it once and you’re done forever. The CDC and OSHA do update information and change some of their guidelines from time to time. We will be updating content to reflect any changes. Bloodborne Pathogen Certification expires yearly so the course has to be taken each year


    Bloodborne Pathogens Certification For The PMU Artist

  • FAQ


    The permanent makeup certification programs we offer online are through this virtual classroom platform. They are designed to be efficient and easy to navigate. Students can sign into their virtual classroom any time of the day to work on their permanent makeup training programs.

    When do I need to complete my program?

    The 6 month Las Vegas licensing programs need to be completed at 1 unit (contains 4-12 lessons) every 7-10 days.

    Accelerated permanent makeup certification programs which are for PMU students who are not seeking licensing in Las Vegas. They need to be completed within 3 months.

    Workshop short classes like the eyelash extension certification class need to be completed within 30 days. The workshop short classes only take a few days to complete but you have access to the virtual classroom to review content for 30 days. The bloodborne pathogen certification only takes about an hour!

    What can I expect in the virtual classroom? 

    Educational materials are delivered via text and video.  Reading material and photo illustrations are provided. Assignments and projects are assigned that students must complete and upload photos of their work. Quizes are given periodically and the student may retake ones they did not pass until they pass. Lessons are released sequentially so you have to do them in order, turn in assignments and pass quizzes in order to progress to the next lesson or unit.

    What are the requirements to take the courses here?

    We recommend a laptop, PC or tablet. Phones are a bit small to see visual content. We have had some students happily pull off doing a 6 month program with a larger phone but it is not recommended. A printer or access to a printer is needed. We do not supply gloves and it’s highly recommended that you wear gloves even when practicing on practice materials because pigments stain. We supply gloves in our clinic classes but not in student kits.

    How will I receive my permanent makeup certificate?

    Your certificates are automatically generated and delivered to you at course completion through your virtual classroom.

    What if I have issues or questions once I am a student?

    We have a student chat message system to ask questions or get assistance.

    What do we get in our permanent makeup training kit?

    For the permanent makeup certification, you get everything you need to complete the course. Check out the permanent makeup course kit information here. The eyelash extension kit is a case of lash extensions, adhesive, separators, lash tweezers, gel pads, practice eye and false lashes.

    How does virtual apprenticeship work for permanent makeup certification? 

    Your projects, assignments and practice exercises are uploaded to your virtual classroom for critique and guidance. Your instructor will communicate via email, teleconference or video conference.  You can ask questions and get additional assistance via student chat at any time through your program. You can get the support you need and guidance virtually.

    Can I make payments or do you have financing options for permanent makeup certification?

    Yes! We now have a payment plan available for courses that are $1500 or more! Simply select the payment plan at check out!

    I have additional questions. Can I have someone call me?

    Fill out the new student request form or call 702-475-DIVA (3482) You can also text us. The texts come in on a business messaging program and not a personal cell phone. They are checked periodically throughout the day.

  • Kits & Supplies For Permanent Makeup Training Courses

    Kits & Supplies For Permanent Makeup Training Courses

    Our permanent makeup licensing and certification programs require specific equipment and tools to complete the courses.

    What is in the permanent makeup certification course kit?

    We include all that is included to complete the PMU certification. The following is a general list of some of the main contents but there are more odds and ends we put into the kits. Your rotary PMU machine set up and power supply are provided along with needle cartridges. Microblading handle (reusable) and disposable microblades. Pigments, measuring/mapping tools, marking pencils and various clean room essentials are included. We include a sharps container to dispose of used needles.

    Practice skins are a very important part of the kits. We include practice skins and a 3d practice face to simulate a real model. We include a variety of different synthetic practice materials, but we encourage students to purchase fresh pig skins to practice on when they feel ready. We go over pig skin and how to prepare them for use in the courses. We cannot ship or provide them in the kits. Pig skin is optional and not required to complete the courses but they are the closest thing to human skin so we do recommend them.

    We include a workbook and textbook to accompany the online virtual classroom. We are now providing a downloadable text and workbook. This way students can print as many copies of specific practice sketch pages in the permanent makeup certification workbook as needed.

    When students register for training programs that include a kit, we typically ship within a couple days so you can start right away.

    Our 6 month programs include kits but the national accelerated training program does not. Students in the national accelerated program can purchase a kit or provide their own materials per the shopping list we provide. Most students purchase the kit because purchasing all the supplies usually is more expensive than or complete kit. Some students have a lot of the supplies already from other courses they have taken elsewhere and a kit is not necessary for them.

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