All clients who schedule appointments with National Permanent Makeup Academy must agree to our scheduling and cancelation policy.

All services are by appointment only.


All new clients must fill out a health background and informed consent, which is also called new client intake document, prior to their permanent makeup appointment.

All payments for service are due at time of service unless client has opted for a payment plan or has selected to pay for service in its entirety in advance.

To keep service prices affordable, client’s do not get free touch-ups on services. All individual services are pay as you go and pay for only what you need. The exception is multi-procedure promotional packages which include a single 1 touch-up within 30 days.


Cancelation & Rescheduling:


Cancelations and rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment.

Cancelations and rescheduling must be done through the online booking system with the client’s account.

Cancelations and rescheduling cannot be done by texting the business messaging system, social media messaging, email, over the phone or by voice messaging. Calls, texts, emails and social media private messages are not checked daily. Cancelations and rescheduling must be done through the online booking system. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

If the client forgets their login information, they can reset their information using the link provided on the client sign in page of the booking system and a link with information will be sent to their email.

Appointments cannot be cancelled after the 48-hour cut off with the online booking system. The system locks 48 hours prior to the appointment. Do not email or text cancelations. You must cancel or reschedule through the booking system online.

Cancelation/No Show Fees:

Not showing up to a scheduled appointment is considered a “no show”. No show appointments result in a charge of 50% of the scheduled service fee, minus the deposit paid to schedule the appointment. The booking fee/deposit will be deducted from the fee and client’s card will be charged the rest of the no show fee.

Not showing up for a pre-paid package touch-up results in loss of that package touch-up. No fees will be charged but the included touch-up will be considered redeemed. Future touch-ups can be scheduled at regular price.

Appointment Booking Fee:

All booking fees will be deducted from the clients balance the day of their appointment in place of a deposit.

Booking fees are non-refundable but can be applied to or transfered to a rescheduled appointment if the client reschedules at least 48 hours prior to their appointment using the online booking system.

In the event the company has to refuse service, cancel a service appointment or determines the client is not a candidate for a procedure, the deposit will be refunded.

In the event a client cancels after the 48-hour cut off and doesn’t reschedule the appointment, the booking fee will not be applied to any future services and a new booking fee will be required in order to schedule a new appointment. If the appointment is rescheduled and not canceled prior to the 48 hour cut off, the booking fee will be applied to the new appointment.

All permanent makeup services require a booking fee to reserve an appointment unless the appointment is for a pre-paid package touch-up. The pre-paid package touch-up appointment is the booking fee and if the client does not show for their appointment or redeem the touch-up within 30 days, the touch-up will be considered redeemed.

Questions & Communications:

All questions and communication post procedure must go through the customer communication system. This is the fastest and most efficient way of communication. Other forms of communication are viewed by apprentices or our marketing SEO company. Procedure specific communication through the client messaging system are only viewed by the appropriate staff. All communication is tied to your customer account.

Scheduling An Appointment:

Selecting the correct and accurate appointment for the desired service is critical to ensure the appropriate amount of time is reserved. Selecting a free touch-up when a client has no free touch-up package to avoid paying a deposit will result in the appointment being deleted. Repeated booking of free touch-ups in an attempt to obtain free services (fraud) when no package was purchased will result in being banned from the site and the business.


Why do we have a non-refundable booking fee? It’s is a small fee charged to maintain the integrity of the scheduling system and ensure only serious, legitimate appointments fill the schedule. It reduces the amount of no shows. The booking fee virtually eliminates the cumbersome clients who schedule and reschedule constantly as well as try to modify appointments last minute. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are problematic schedulers so a better system had to be implemented. The non-refundable booking fee is absolutely going to be deducted from the scheduled service balance but if you don’t show up or don’t reschedule per our policy, the booking fee is forfeit. 


Additional detailed Terms Of Service for site usage HERE.


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